Parish Life Ministries

The Altar and Rosary Society financially supports the needs of the parish — primarily liturgical supplies (candles, wine, hosts, flowers) through fund-raising activities.  The Society also provides a Funeral Meal Ministry for families and friends of deceased parishioners after their funerals as well as refreshments for parish events.  Annual dues are $10.  Meetings are held once a month. To become involved in this organization contact Linda Peebles at 330.336.6228 or Patricia Reynolds at 386.871.3127.

Funeral Meal Ministry

SHOJ hosts a meal for family and friends of a deceased parishioner after a funeral. Parishioners are invited to assist by serving on a rotating team to provide setup, serving, making of food and clean up of the funeral meal.  To serve on a Funeral Meal Ministry team contact the Parish office.

This ministry of compassion helps parishioners who have lost loved ones within the past year with the grieving process by conducting bereavement services.  Meetings are held on four Tuesday nights in October and November concluding with the All Souls Day liturgy on November 2nd.  To participate or for more information contact Deacon Roger Klaas at 330.336.3049.

All Soul’s Day Mass of Remembrance

The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts provide boys and young adult males an effective educational program designed to build character, responsible citizenship, and personal fitness, all in a faith-based environment.  Meetings are held bi-monthly on Tuesdays from September to May. Parent ministry requires parent leaders who are willing to learn and grow themselves as they teach the boys the values of scouting. Adult volunteers must complete the Volunteer Requirements.  If interested in helping as an adult leader or joining the troop contact Ron Paydo at 330.416.7927 or Mike Smiechowski at 330.571.1745.
The purpose of this group is to deepen people’s spiritual lives through praise and worship in song, word, and deed as well as teaching and small group healing prayer.

Meetings are held in the Andes Room of the church lower level on the third Wednesday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, please contact Jeff Flaherty at 330-715-2282 or 330-336-3049 or send him an email by clicking here.

CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) endeavors to help young people be more Christ-like in the way they live. This occurs when the young person, not the athletic activity, is the main focus of what we do. Each participant, parent, coach, official and volunteer need to work together to bring our Gospel vision and values to life in every aspect of CYO programs. To participate in CYO contact Ron Paydo at 330.416.7927.

CYO – Diocese of Cleveland (Akron CYO)

The Evangelization Team brings Christ to all:  ourselves, our parish, and our community.  The team aims to invite and welcome baptized members of the Church who feel alienated and separated from her, sharing their faith with them and attempting to heal the divisions, as well as to reach out to the unbaptized and those seeking Confirmation.  Members are asked to have an openness to grow in faith and the willingness to learn how to share it. Meetings are held bi-monthly on Tuesdays. Optional training sessions are held one Saturday morning/month. To participate on the Evangelization Team contact the parish office at 330.336.3049.

Evangelization Office – Diocese of Cleveland

Members of this ministry help Medina County seniors who are ill, frail, or isolated maintain their independence in their homes by offering transportation services and assisting their caregivers.  Each volunteer determines the amount of time they are interested in offering.  There is a a one-time training session of 1½ – 2 hours.  If interested in this ministry contact Betty Ruppel at 330.334.1833.
The Family Prayer Group approaches “Jesus through Mary,” i.e. nurture relationships with the Lord by fostering a devotion to Mary, His mother through consecration to her.  Families are encouraged to participate in this devotion as a way to facilitate quality family prayer time.  This prayer group meets for 1 hour on the first Sunday of every month. For more information contact the Parish office.
The Girl Scout troop helps girls gain an awareness of themselves, their communities, and the world around them through leadership training, interest patches, career exploration, service projects, and spiritual and self-discovery exercises.  Women leaders are need to spend time helping girls increase skills in many areas: develop values to guide their actions. Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Requirements.  If interested in helping as an adult leader or joining the troop contact Mary Burton at 330.714.5088.
The Knights of Columbus 4th Degree provide a venue for Catholic men to come together to support the parish by supporting the priests, defending the Church, and promoting vocations.  Commitment involves annual dues of $30, plus volunteer time to help with fundraisers, and attendance at monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of every month.  The total time commitment is 8-12 hours a month.  Training is provided. For more information on the K of C 4th Degree contact Chuck McEvoy at 330.334.2581.
The Knights of Columbus 3rd Degree provide men the opportunity to use their God-given talents to serve and defend the church, support priests and religious, encourage and support Catholic education, protect the unborn, assist those in need, show compassion for people with development disabilities, and set an example for others in our community.  Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Many opportunities to volunteer as little or as much time as you have are available for men 18 years old and older.  Training is provided. For more information on the K of C 3d Degree contact Dan Kraus at 330.336.9929.
The Legion of Mary is a world-wide organization of Catholics, men and women, who offer their services to their pastor to aid him in performing spiritual works in the parish.  Fashioned after the example of Jesus and his band of apostles, this is done hand in hand with Mary, that, with her help, they may develop greater holiness in their own lives as well as spread a deeper devotion to her Son among others.

Membership in the Legion of Mary answers the call to apostleship.  To give Christ to every soul is the work of the Legion apostolate.  Legionaries concern themselves with the Spiritual Works of Mercy, charitably answering “Yes” to the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Active legionaries (prayer + work) visit in pairs, Catholics and lapsed Catholics, the sick, bereaved, those new to the parish, families, and the elderly, going where they are sent, knowing, and acting on their conviction that “to love another in the highest sense of the word is to wish the other the eternal possession of God and lead him to it”.

Auxiliary legionaries (prayer only) pray the Rosary and the Legion Tessera prayer daily, giving their prayers to Our Blessed Mother, and sharing in all the prayers and works of the millions of members throughout the world. Join the Legion of Mary and become medicine to our country that is more and more without God.

Pope Paul said what he liked best about the Legion of Mary was that it knew how to utilize the little people of the world.  Come and see how easy, how beautiful, how wonderful it is to serve the Lord! Contact Shari Krunich at 330.336.0612.

The Junior Legion of Mary is an organization for the spiritual development of persons under the age of 18. Its purpose is to increase the holiness of its members and be missionary, that is, to bring the love of Christ into the world. Members meet weekly for prayer, instruction, and work of spiritual charity. Projects which forward the reign of God in the world are undertaken.

This is a group for anyone called by words like those spoken by the pope at World Youth Day: “Young people, do not be afraid of being a saint!” The world needs heroes and saints who show what the grace of God can do. Mary was only 14 or 15 when God performed His greatest work with her “yes.” Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Requirements. If interested in helping as an adult leader or joining the Junior Legion of Mary contact Patti Hunt at 330.335.5203.

NFP is a ministry of couples helping other couples live out the Church’s teaching on married life, particularly with regard to contraception, promoting natural family planning through the Couple-to-Couple League. Three class series each year, with each series consisting of three two-hour classes spaced approximately one month apart. Certification and an ability to speak in public are required. To participate in this ministry contact Margarita Lasaletta at 330.336.5046.
The statue of the Pilgrim Madonna travels throughout the parish encouraging families to pray together and grow in their love and knowledge of our Blessed Mother.  We leave the statue as well as rosaries and pamphlets with the families after we watch a video on the Marian Movement with them.  Members who assist in this prayerful experience transport the statue weekly from house to house which takes an individual or couple no more than 2 hours each Sunday. There are currently two teams that work on a rotating basis. For more information or to become involved in this ministry contact David Houk Sr. at 330.769.2308.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry provides comfort and a reminder of God’s love and healing presence to those who are sick, grieving, or under some sort of burden or stress by prayerfully knitting or crocheting prayer shawls. Members of this ministry participate as they wish by knitting or crocheting at home or join with others at a monthly meeting on the fourth Monday of each month. To participate in this ministry of healing, please contact Carol Heim at 330.334.6746.
The Pro-Life Ministry strives to increase awareness and support of the Church’s teachings while promoting pro-life causes. Our efforts encompass the entire parish mission statement, particularly evangelization, the teaching of Catholic beliefs, and caring for the needs of all of God’s children. Volunteers with a passion for protecting the lives of the unborn are needed for education, prayer, and fundraising. There are no set meetings. Volunteers will help with fundraising and prayer at abortion clinics. To become a member of the Pro-Life Ministry contact Teri Johenning at 330.334.2654.
Members of the Women’s Bible Study and Fellowship gather with other Catholic women to study and discuss the Bible and other Catholic materials in order to cultivate our personal relationships with Christ and to better understand our Faith. Members also provide support for one another in finding practical ways to live the faith in our families and in the community at-large. Meetings are held bi-weekly from September through May and last 90 minutes.

Depending on the course, resource materials cost between $15 and $40. Cost of babysitting and kid’s snacks is approximately $20 a meeting, is shared. To become a part of this fellowship contact Jody Nichols at 330.670.6407 or Arze Witschey at 330.334.3151.