Liturgical Ministries of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

Download the Liturgical Ministry Schedule for June 1 through September 30, 2021.

Altar Server Training

If you are currently an Altar Server and need to register for a refresher course, please click here.

Please register here if you are interested in becoming an Altar Server.

Children are invited to learn how to become an Altar Server in the Spring as early as their 4th grade year and are expected to serve until the completion of their Senior year of high school. For information on specific training dates and times contact the Parish Office at 330.336.3049.


Adult Altar Servers
Adults are invited to assist the priest and deacon by serving at the altar during funeral Masses. For information on training or to join a team contact Bill Schapel at 330.336.3632.

Members of this ministry enhance our worship space and experience by use of color, form, and layout, working closely with the Liturgy Commission and local florists. Commitment is 1-2 hours a week on average. The main efforts each year are during the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons, although there may be some special times during the church calendar year that require more time.

If you are gifted in arts, crafts, sewing, and design, please contact Sue Komjati at 330.336.6732 or Amy Uhase at 330.336.2787.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word provides young children (preschool and early elementary school age) of the parish an opportunity between September and May to experience the Scriptures at a level and in an atmosphere more suited to their ages and understanding during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass.

Children process to the lower level of the church prior to the Mass readings and rejoin their families during the offertory.  Leaders must complete the Volunteer Requirements. To assist in this most rewarding ministry contact Karen Kennedy at 330.336.1212.

This ministry of service keeps the house of God clean and respectful of the Lord’s presence and the presence of God’s people. Those who assist in this ministry are asked to commit 1½ to 2 hours a week and contact Helen Klaas at 330.336.4826
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest and deacon by distributing Holy Communion at Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Ministers assigned to Mass are expected to fulfill their assignment or find their own substitute.

Requirements to serve in this ministry are include being a confirmed Catholic in good standing and attend a half-day diocesan training session once every 5 years. Ministers should also attend a special parish evening of reflection once or twice a year, at which time they may receive updates from the priests. An additional meeting is held with new Eucharistic ministers to explain the procedures used at Sacred Heart of Jesus.

To participate in this most rewarding ministry contact Cathy Anderson at 330.334.1297.

EMHC Procedures

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick take Holy Communion to those who cannot be with us for the Lord’s Day liturgies, including the ill, the hospitalized, the home-bound, and those residing in nursing and assisted-living homes.

This ministry requires a commitment to serve at an area nursing and assisted living home residents once every 4-6 weeks; to shut-ins, every week or two; and to those in the Wadsworth hospital, on a scheduled basis. Ministers must be a confirmed Catholic in good standing and attend a half-day diocesan training session once every 5 years. Ministers should also attend a special parish evening of reflection once or twice a year, at which time they may receive updates from the priests.

To participate in this ministry or to have a minister bring Holy Communion to a loved one or friend who is unable to come to Church for Mass due to illness, contact Jean Hricko at 330.571.1480 or Candi Weber at 330.607.1992.

Lectors proclaim the Scriptures prayerfully at Mass to allow God’s people to receive the Lord’s presence in the Word of God. Ministers are trained and then spend time preparing before Mass depending on each Lector’s need. A Lector’s Workbook is provided to each Lector to assist in preparing to proclaim the Word slowly, loudly and clearly.

Training is conducted twice a year. To participate in this Liturgical Ministry contact Keith Johnson at 330.802.2264.

Lector Procedures

Biblical Pronunciations 

Daily Readings

The Liturgy Commission assists the clergy in planning and preserving the reverence and integrity of liturgical services and special events by hour-long meetings held on the fourth Monday of the month from September through April, with additional time commitments varying with each individual and sub-committee. To become involved in this ministry contact  Fr. Joe Labak at 330.336.3049.

This prayer ministry is committed to “keep watch for one hour” with Jesus in the Chapel of Divine Mercy. Individuals grow spiritually by worship, expressing their love, and giving themselves to God. The commitment is 1 hour each week, which can be served individually or with others. 

To participate in this ministry of prayer use our scheduling app: We Adore Him. New adorers can sign-up, schedule their hour, choose to be a substitute, and opt-in to notifications for their scheduled hours. Click the HELP button at the top of the page for a quick tutorial.

And don’t miss this “love for Love” video to learn why ADORATION IS SO IMPORTANT!

Sacristans assist the priests and deacons by placing all the necessary vessels, linens, hosts, and wine in the sanctuary of the church prior to the celebration of the liturgy and by cleaning and restoring the items to the sacristy afterwards. To assist in this service contact Sue Komjati at 330.336.6732.


Ushers assist SHOJ Parish during Lord’s Day and special Masses in a variety of ways:  welcoming congregants and helping them feel welcome; assuring smooth communion processions, collecting the offertory donations; and distributing bulletins and programs.

Volunteers work in teams of 6-8 at a particular weekend Mass and are also asked to volunteer for holy days or other special Masses.  If interested in becoming a part of this ministry of hospitality contact Gary Nied at 330.334.3159.

Videographers film the 5:00PM Saturday Mass to be aired on local TV in the Wadsworth area so that parishioners who cannot attend Mass in person can watch it on television. Volunteers spend approximately 1½ hours for each mass they record, which includes set-up, filming, and delivering the tape to the TV station.

If interested in this service to the homebound contact Chris Bott at 330.336.5246.