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  • Participate in the mission of Jesus in the world;
  • Celebrate the spiritual growth and the ecumenical spirit within our parish and the larger Christian community;
  • Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to others through liturgy and ministry, guided by The Holy Spirit;
  • Identify and care for the needs of all God’s children;
  • Teach Catholic beliefs and activities to all ages.

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Resources for you:

View the recording from our Parish Mission with Fr. Patrick Schultz.
What Catholics Really Believe on WCTV – an interview with Fr. Patrick Schultz.
Fr. Joe highly recommends watching the movie A Hidden Life

What does the church offer those who have same sex attraction?

For insight into what the Church has to offer, please watch the videos below.


Listen to Fr. Patrick’s podcast – Slaking Thirsts

Our Sacred Heart of Jesus School provides Catholic education to students from nearby school districts.

Click here to visit our school website.

Why is a Catholic education important?

Sacred Heart Excellence addresses the value of a Catholic education.


To view our the live streams of Mass and other parish events, click here.